Your anniversary is special no matter where you spend it or what you do, but when you spend it at Disney World you’re in for a whole new world of magic. Check out these five tips to make the most of an anniversary trip to Orlando.

disney world happy anniversary button1.         Wear a Celebration button

Anytime you’re celebrating anything at Disney World you should stop by City Hall at the Magic Kingdom and let them know. They have buttons for everything from birthdays to engagements – and of course anniversaries. The buttons are free and customizable. When you’re wearing your buttons Cast Members will pay special attention to you, which could come in the form of a simple “Congratulations!” to perks like free desserts or free anytime, any ride FastPass+ passes.

2.         Decorate your hotel room or vacation home

Take a few moments and decorate either your resort hotel room or a portion of your Orlando vacation home rental. It could be as simple as leaving a few dozen flowers around the room or home, or you could go all out and decorate with pictures, banners – whatever strikes your fancy!

3.         Don’t forget the surprises!

Look for surprises unique to your spouse. For example, a bottle of wine would be perfect for some couples but not for others. Something super-creative like an in-park scavenger hunt can be a great choice for a couple that’s been to Disney many times but is likely not a good choice for beginners. Think long and hard to come up with ideas that both celebrate your partner and Disney World.

4.         Plan your itinerary accordingly

A trip to Disney World is often an exercise in compromise. Some rides and attractions you may love, while your spouse would happily skip them. On your anniversary, consider surprising your spouse by allowing them to plan the entire itinerary based on their preferences, or give them a super-surprise by planning it yourself! Let each ride be a secret and see how long it takes them to realize that you’re repeatedly leading them to their favorites – and only their favorites.

5.         Enjoy a private event, firework festivity, or tour

This is an option that can fit within any budget, whether small or extravagant. For those on a budget, try the Wishes Dessert Party in the Magic Kingdom. You get to escape the crowds, eat all the dessert you can, and enjoy an excellent view of the fireworks! Those who want to spend big bucks can invest in the Tower of Terror private party, or the Illuminations Cruise. If fireworks aren’t your go-to, there are tours for you too: Keys to the Kingdom, Behind the Seeds, and Wild Africa Trek.

No matter what steps you take to make your anniversary extra special, there’s no question that it’ll be full of magic and love when you spend it at Disney World!

couples fireworks dessert party disney world