When you rent an Orlando vacation home you can save literally hundreds of dollars over what you’d pay for a much smaller hotel room. However, there are things to consider before hitting that confirmation button. Check out the top 5 questions you should have answers to before you book your rental.

1.         What is the cancellation policy?

Even those with the best intentions, families who are completely certain that their plans couldn’t possibly change, can end up with a wrench thrown into their plans. No matter when you cancel you’ll likely pay a cancellation fee, but some companies charge as little as $15 while others will require you to pay up for the entire reservation you can no longer use. Make sure you’re choosing a company with a fair policy.


2.         What is the parking situation?

You may assume that because you’re renting a house, you can park as many cars as you want to on the street. The reality is that some homes have restrictions. This may be due to the rules of the Homeowners Association that oversees the neighborhood, or it may be a case of the property manager wanting to get more money out of the rental. Regardless, if you’re traveling with a large group and will have numerous cars, make sure you know if you can park them all at the home without paying an additional fee.

orlandovacation_rental-dining-room3.         What equipment is available?

Most homes come with full kitchens, but what equipment is included in it? If your unit comes with a pool, does it have the necessary equipment to get it running? Do you know how to do it or will the company take care of everything? The key when renting a home is to work with a reputable company that will make good on their end of the bargain, but you always want to make sure that you know exactly what’s included in your reservation.

4.         How many people can stay in the home?

If you’re renting a home with 4-bedrooms you may assume you can bring as many people as you can fit. This isn’t always the case. Fire codes may be in place, or an extra charge may apply if you have more than a certain number of occupants. Be sure you know if you’re staying within the parameters of your contract.

5.         What is the check-in process?

It’s easy to check in to a hotel – you show up in the lobby and get your key! This isn’t always the case in vacation homes. Find out what the check in process is and choose a company that makes it smooth and seamless for you. You may also want to find out how many keys they’re willing to issue for your vacation home.