Are you ready for your trip? As a single parent, you have extra things to plan – but you get all the kisses, hugs, and appreciation! It’s a trade off, but these Single Parent Travel Tips can help tips the scales in your favor. Click over to read all the tips, or stay here for the best 5 we found.

1.         It’s easier than ever to avoid long check-in lines

disney-world-stroller-tipsWith so many app based services available, you can avoid lines at every turn. For example, you can generally check in for a flight 24 hours in advance and even skip printing your boarding pass by pulling up a copy on your cell phone. Visit the airline you’ll be flying with, download their app, and see what features are available – including up-to-the-minute text updates on flight delays and gate changes.

2.         Strollers aren’t just for toddlers

If your kids are teens you’re obviously not going to use a stroller, but don’t assume that only those 3 and under need a stroller. They’re a great way to push through when your little ones get tired, but they’re also a great way to keep your kiddos always in your view, to carry all the necessities you need for the day, and for afternoon naps.

3.         Family-friendly accommodations are a must

One of the biggest expenses of your trip will be your accommodations, but you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get great family-friendly accommodations. Check out these Orlando resort hotels with tons of amenities and great pools, or spend as little as $99 per night to rent an Orlando vacation home that gives you tons of privacy plus great amenities like private kitchens and pools.

orlandovacation_single-parent-downtime4.         Give yourself some downtime

Taking the kids on vacation is great fun – but it can be very tiring, too! Try to find a way to get a little time for yourself. Whether it’s renting a hotel room with a balcony that allows you an hour to yourself after the little ones are in bed, or taking advantage of local babysitting services, this time to recharge will make the trip more fun and relaxing for everyone.

5.         Don’t eat out every single night

There’s a temptation to splurge on food when you’re out, but the high cost isn’t the only reason not to plan dinners out every single night. As a single parent, you know there’s no one there to pick up the slack if the kids start acting up. Instead, stop by the local grocer for a few kid-friendly snacks and staples. Eat dinner by your resort’s pool, or stay in with a favorite movie.