there are some steps you can take to make sure that fun is had by all. Take a look at these 5 mistakes to avoid posted by the American Grandparents Association.

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1.         Not synchronizing your schedules

Taking the grandkids off their regular schedule can lead to meltdowns, grumpy kids, and lots of issues for everyone. The best plan is for you, as the grandparents, to change your schedules. Find out from their parents when your grandkiddos are used to getting up, eating, and going to bed. Try to stick to these times as closely as possible when you’re on vacation.

2.         Not making priorities clear

Many grandparents assume their grandkids will want to ride as many rides as possible, or meet as many characters as possible, when their grandkid’s priorities are actually quite different. Talk to everyone going before you take off, and discuss what everyone’s priorities are. Make sure you do a little pre-planning to make sure everyone hits their most important rides or attractions.

3.         Not accepting help

If you’re like many seniors, you likely took your own kids to Disney World. You may assume the experience will be fairly similar this time around and you may decide you can handle it in the same way you need decades ago. Remember that not only have you changed, but you’ll be taking kids who weren’t raised with the same rules as your own kids. Let others help you when needed.

4.         Not following the rules of the parents

It’s a common misconception that because you’re the grandparent you can spoil the kids rotten. That may be true at Christmas, but the reality is that if you’re spending several days on vacation, you do need to stick to their parent’s rules or you may find a lot of fighting and meltdowns.

5.         Not addressing the important safety issues

You may get so caught up in finding the perfect resort hotel or vacation home, or choosing the perfect character breakfasts that you don’t think about some of the most important things. For example, make sure you have their health insurance information handy and bring a first aid kit with you at all times.

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