Is there a more magical place to get married than Disney World? If there is, we haven’t found it yet! We recently ran across an article in the Huffington Post by Anne Chertoff that revealed 10+ little known facts about Disney weddings. You can read the full blog, or stick around and we’ll recap what we found to be the 5 most interesting facts.

1.         Getting Inspiration Just Got Easier

Disney has recently revamped their Disney Weddings website to include interactive features. You can view photos from real Disney weddings, learn about rules at various venues, and even create Pinterest-style boards of your favorite pictures.

2.         Disney’s Wedding Pavilion Strikes the Perfect Disney Balance

You do want fairytale wedding, but you don’t want it overwhelmed with Mickey. Disney’s Wedding Pavilion is non-denominational, can seat up to 300 people, and offers a clean white palette that will let you decorate it anyway you’d like. It also includes numerous subtle touches of hidden Mickeys that give you a gentle reminder of where you are without ruining the elegance.

disney world wedding pavilion

3.         Mickey Mouse Can’t Marry You

Many guests are surprised to learn that Disney doesn’t allow characters to appear at wedding ceremonies. However, you can book up to 2 characters for 30 minutes at a time during wedding receptions and other wedding-related parties.

4.         You Can Get Married in the Parks

Believe it or not, you can actually plan your wedding in one of the parks. Some parks, like Epcot, allow you to get married while the park is open but your wedding party may be limited to just 4 people. All parks allow weddings before or after park hours.

disney world wedding

5.         You Can Invite the Uninvited

Disney really thinks of everything, including entertainment for your guests in the form of invited uninvited guests. Otherwise known as “Tacky Tourists” these uninvited guests are available to entertain your wedding guests with cheesy jokes and little-known Disney facts.

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