When you fly with a group to Disney World, you may very well have some travelers who’ve never been on a plane before. This makes for a very exciting time for them, but it also means you may be responsible for making sure they know the etiquette rules. Here are the five basic ones to get you started.

1.         Be ready when you get to the security line

If your group is waiting until they’re at the front of the security line to get ready, then they’re waiting too long. Well before you get to the front, make sure everyone removes their jacket, has their laptop out and ready, and their pockets emptied. This saves time for your group and reduces aggravation for other travelers.

airport security

2.         Be respectful of lines

Airports are busy places. Most people should have learned not to cut in line in kindergarten, but it’s common for travelers to show up at the airport and not pay attention to who’s where. There is nothing more aggravating to seasoned travelers than waiting patiently in line, only to have someone swoop in and cut in front of them. Make sure your group is minding lines!

3.         Don’t overtake the overhead bin

The space in overhead bins is limited. Groups should be mindful of other travelers and wait to put their purses or other small bags into the bins until they know there will be room. On planes that are crowded – which applies to most planes – your fellow passengers will appreciate it if you store these smaller bags next to your feet.

airplace overhead bin

4.         The person sitting in the middle seat has the rights to the armrest

If you’re sitting in a 3-seat configuration, the person in the middle is the one that should get access to the armrests. Why? A few reasons: the people on either side of them have access to an outside armrest, and they also get the benefit of either being next to the window or being closer to the bathroom. No one wants to sit in the middle seat, and the only benefit that comes to them is the use of the armrests.

5.         Recline with care

It’s a wonderful thing that today’s airplane seats have the ability to recline, but it should be used with care. Just take a look over your shoulder to see if the person behind you is using the tray table for their laptop or to hold a drink. Generally speaking, it’s polite to sit with your seat upright during meal or snack times so the person sitting behind you doesn’t have their tray pushed into their stomach.

recline airplance seat

These five etiquette tips are a great start to get your group on board as polite, thoughtful travelers.