Thinking about visiting Orlando in September? That is a great idea! If you’re planning to go on a vacation, Orlando is one of the best places to visit. If you’re in doubt, we’ll give you ten valid reasons why you should start booking an Orlando hotel or vacation home rental! 

The month of September has a lot of perks when going on your Orlando vacation. September means you can take advantage of dropped humidity, decreased crowds, exciting events, and top deals among others. Going on vacation around this time is surely the best time to have fun.

10. Shorter Lines at the Park 

One of the common reasons why many people visit Orlando is to see the beauty as well as indulge in many exciting ventures in the theme parks. There are a lot of things to do and places to see in Orlando. Going to Orlando in September means you can avoid hours of long lines to ride the latest attractions. 

9. Halloween Horror Nights 

If you’re fond of horror films, then you will definitely appreciate the Halloween horror nights offered by Universal Studios Florida during the season. Prepare your heart as you see freaky characters and frightening zones around all corners during September horror nights.

8. Exceptional Dining Offers 

Food is always our best companion when traveling, and here is where our good news comes in. Orlando provides magical dining for all food lovers out there. You can try a massive collection from the top eateries in Orlando from Chinese to Italian and from Steakhouse to Seafood. 

7. Enjoy Exclusive Deals 

Orlando hotel accommodations, vacation home rentals, private pools, games room galore, home cinemas – name it! Whatever your idea of fun, you will find out that Orlando offers them to you in a way that makes your trip more awesome. Get exclusive deals in any of them, save money and enjoy your trip! 

6. Special Events For You 

For those who love pure entertainment, Orlando has a lot of special events offered to you during the month of September. Get ready to sing your heart out, enjoy the excitement, taste a variety of best cuisines, watch the Disney characters as they are brought to life, and many others! 

5. Attractive, Interesting Indoor & Outdoor Activities 

Are you a sporty person? Or you simply want an activity that would liven up your mood? Orlando’s numerous indoor and outdoor activities are sure to save your day. Try the kart racing, bowling, kayaking, and playing beach volleyball, paddleboarding, listening to live music or others that interest you. 

4. Back To School 

Children in this month are back to school, which means the road is less crowded. Hence, you and your family can enjoy Orlando without having to compete against a local restaurant or the theme park’s parking space. Instead of visiting Orlando during summer, do it this September to avoid crowds.

3. It’s A Less Busy Season! 

September means a less busy season. So, whether it is going to the SeaWorld, Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, Discovery Cove, or others, expect to see the action straight away. Visiting Orlando during September means you can avoid from crowds and enjoy a more comfortable out-of-town vacation. 

2. Weather Is Just Perfect! 

Ah, the weather. Since the summer humidity has gone, a cooler summer breeze that waves in the air will surprise you in September. This really makes a huge difference when visiting theme parks. Visiting the city during the summer months is not the best experience, or you’ll suffer through the harsh heat of the sun.

Above all…

1. Gather Special Memories!

Orlando is a perfect place to spend your holiday or vacation for weeks or even months. You’ll never get bored with plenty of events and activities to be attended and watched. It is best to bring your special someone, family, or friends with you for a more enjoyable and unforgettable vacation experience! 

So, who says your Orlando vacation in September will just be a disappointment? From good weather to various indoor and outdoor activities, you will surely love coming back for another set of good memories to be treasured forever! 


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