Universal Studios Islands of Adventure One Day Touring Plan

Islands of Adventure is definitely a park you can see in one day; however, with so many fun rides which you might want to ride again and again, it would be a good idea to plan to spend more than one day here. If you are going to be visiting Islands of Adventure in one day, the key is to get to the parks first thing in the morning. Since Islands of Adventure is made up of thrill rides lines can get quite long; however, most of the attractions do not form long lines until around 11 am.

One of the best things to purchase if you are only going to visiting Islands of Adventure for one day is the Express Pass. The Express allows you to make one reservation for each ride in the park. If you plan to purchase the Express Pass, you can do so at the Guest Services window located outside the park gates. This pass is around $30 but it is well worth it if you are visiting during high season.

Get a park map/show schedule when you arrive. You will want to partially plan your day around showtimes. Be sure not to overbook on shows, however, or you will miss the amazing rides. Exactly what you choose to see will, of course, be based on your individual interests. It can be difficult to make decisions based simply on the short park map descriptions, however, so here is a list to use as a jumping-off point. Remember that this guide is simply this author’s opinion of the must-see attractions, and your own tastes may vary.