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General Questions 

1.    Are you related in any way to a Timeshare?
No, we do not deal in anyway with timeshares. We are one of the largest hotel consolidators in Orlando. Our business model is to give our guests amazing customer service with the lowest nightly rates and attraction ticket prices in the market. We have been able to do this because of our unique marketing approach.

2.    How do I know OrlandoVacation.com is a legitimate company?
Our legal name is Affordable Travel of Orlando. We have been in business serving Orlando vacationers since 1993. We are a family run business, and we have an A rating with BBB of Orlando. Our Florida Sellers of Travel number is ST24673.

3.    Why should I book with OrlandoVacation.com?
There are a number of great reasons. First, we pride ourselves in being a low cost provider…we are not cheap, for cheap is not what you want when going on a vacation. Our goal is to win your business with low prices and excellent customer service.

4.    What is meant by 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?
There are a lot of companies that say 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. The question is what does that mean?  To us…it means…we will do everything in our power to make sure your stay here in Orlando is an enjoyable one.


Reservation Questions

1.    What is OrlandoVacation.com Reservation Policy?
We only require a $ 50 deposit to reserve the vacation home, a hotel room or a vacation package.

2.    When will my final payment be due?
Final payments for all vacation homes, condos, town homes and hotels are due in full 30 days prior to your arrival. Tickets are charged by Billy Boy’s Tickets between the 10th and 14th day prior to your arrival.

3.    What is your cancellation policy?
If you notify us of your need to cancel your reservation 30 days prior to arrival, part of your deposit may be refundable. Read our cancellation policies.

4.    What if I have to cut my vacation short or add another night or two to my vacation?
If you are staying in a hotel and you need to cut your vacation short. When you check out have the front desk fax to us a notice showing that you have checked out early and we will cheerfully refund any unused nights back to you. Be aware that you must check out before 11 am to get that days refund.
Unfortunately, if you are staying in a vacation home, condo, or townhome we cannot refund any money for any unused nights.

5.    Do you sell or package airline tickets?
We do not book any air travel.

6.    Can you assist me with a rental car booking?
Yes, we can point you to great deals on car rentals. Please check out our car rental partner at http://www.orlandovacation.com/car-rentals/. If you click on the ad banners at the top of the page you will be lead to the best deals in Orlando.

7.    Do you offer the meal plans?
No, if you want the Disney Meal Plan, you will need to book directly through Disney World. Their phone number is 407-wdw-dine (407-929-3463).



Vacation Home Questions

1.    Are there any other fees I will be responsible for that are not included in my total cost of the vacation home?
The property management companies charge a $75.00 Property Protection Fee. This is a  damage waiver that will cover any incidental or inadvertent damage. Please be advised that intentional damage or gross negligence will result in additional costs to the vacation client.

2.    Where are your vacation homes located?
All of our vacation homes are located within a radius of 15 minutes from to Disney World. Most of our homes are located in Kissimmee and Davenport.

3.    What is the difference between an Executive Home, and a Standard Vacation Homes?
The primary difference in an Executive Home and that of a Standard Homes is in the  interior décor. The exterior of the homes are pretty much the same, the pool sizes are the same, and the kitchens offer the same appliances. The furniture package will be better in the Executive Home. The pool furniture will be nicer as well. In a Standard Vacation Pool home the décor is much more Spartan or basic and will generally be older. Almost all of our Executive Homes have been professionally decorated by a professional designer. As one client so aptly put it , once you enter an Executive Home you will say a “WOW”!

4.    What are the Orlando Specific Vacation Homes?
We will show you pictures of specific homes that are available for rent during the time frame of your vacation. Since you are reserving a particular home, the nightly rates for these homes are going to be priced slightly more per night. Further, there are stricter conditions on high season cancellation of your booking. During the Christmas and Easter weeks, the cancellation charges for specific homes will be due and payable 30 days from date of arrival and refunds for any cancellations inside of 30 days during these two periods will not processed.

5.    What is included in the vacation homes? What will I need to buy or bring with me?
The vacation homes are fully furnished, and all the linens and towels are provided. The kitchens are stocked with pots, pans, dishes and silverware. You will need to bring your own toiletries and food. The houses all have starter sets of toilet paper and paper towels. If you are staying for more than a few days, you will need to go to the store to purchase additional supplies.

6.    What is the booking policy on a vacation home?
We only require a $50 deposit to make a reservation. Nothing else is due until 30 days prior to your arrival. This is in the case of the executive and Standard Pool Homes. For Orlando Specific Homes please see the notes above. During the Christmas and Easter Holiday High Season, when the homes are in high demand, we require the full deposit to be paid 30 days prior to arrival. The normal cancellation policy for Executive and Standard Pool homes will be a 2 night penalty for any cancellations inside of 30 nights of arrival. There are no refunds for cancellations inside of five days of arrival.

7.    We are a group traveling together can we get our homes next door to each other?
Often times we can get vacation homes located in the same neighborhood, but it is highly unlikely, we will be able to honor this request..

8.    When will I be notified of the exact home I will be occupying if I book an Executive or Standard vacation home?
You will know of the specific vacation pool home you will be occupying ate least three days prior to your arrival.

9.    What do I need to know about pool heat?
There are only four months you will need pool heat while vacationing in Orlando (December, January, February, and March). The pool heat cost $30 a day. You will set this service up with the property management company. Please note….if the temperature drops below 55 degrees, the pool heater will automatically shut off. Also, the pool heater will only heat the water 10 to 12 degrees above the outside temperature.

10.    How far are the Vacation Pool Homes located from Disney World?
All of our homes are located within 15 minutes to Disney World. Please note, we measure the distances from your house to the closest front gate to Walt Disney World..

11.    Are there any refunds if we have to leave a Vacation Home early?
Unfortunately, houses do not work like hotels. We cannot refund any unused nights in the vacation homes, townhomes, or condos.

12.    Why does the policy change for Christmas and Easter High Season as to cancellations?
The Christmas and Easter times are the busiest travel times of the year. If a guests needs to cancel their reservation or there is a payment issue we need to know enough time so  we can assist the owner in rebooking the home.

13.    In the even of an emergency, whom do we call about our home?
If there is an emergency please contact the specific management company who provided you the location of the home you are occupying. The management company’s phone number is located at the top of your confirmation letter.

14.    How will you and the management company managing our home communicate with us?
Everyone will be communicating with you by e-mail or phone.


Hotel Questions

1.    Do the participating hotels offer shuttle service to the area theme parks?
All of our participating partnered hotels offer FREE shuttle service to Walt Disney World. Some of them offer complimentary shuttle service to SeaWorld and Universal as well. Only the Best Western Lake Buena Vista offers a continually running shuttle service to all the Disney Theme Parks throughout the day. Almost all the hotels which are not located inside the Disney World Resort offer a shuttle services 2 or 3 times in the morning and 2 or 3 times in the evening.

2.    What other fees am I responsible for when I get to Orlando?
Most hotels in Orlando require the guests to pay a resort fee. This fee is boldly stated online, and also noted in our confirmation letters. The resort fees are to be paid directly to the hotel normally upon check-out.

3.    Why are the rates so cheap…am I missing something?
Almost every hotel has empty rooms that are not being occupied. A General Manager understands some money is better than no money at all. So they partner with us to move  unsold rooms. We offer drastic discounts found no where else to succeed in this effort.   We are not associated with any timeshare company or promotion.

4.    What if I am not satisfied with the hotel I am staying in?
If you are not satisfied with the room or the hotel, we along with the managers of the hotel will do everything in our power to correct the issues. If we cannot satisfy you, we will cheerfully refund any unused nights to our credit card. .

5.    What if I find a cheaper price on the exact same hotel?
If you find a cheaper price on the exact same hotel, please notify us and we will match the lower rate.

6.    If we have to cut our vacation short, will I be refunded for any unused nights?
Yes, if you have to check out early, please have the hotel send us a fax telling us you checked out and we will immediately refund any used nights.

7.    What is the hotel’s general policy on hurricanes?
Hurricanes are classified as Acts of God. We will waive all cancellation fees if there is a hurricane in the area. We also will assist you in moving the arrival dates to a much more desirable time.Our flight was cancelled and we can’t get there, what is your policy on this issue?
Our policy is to work with our clients and provide the best customer service. If your travel plans are interrupted please call us immediately, and we will work with you.

8.    Are these hotel rates available for small groups?
Yes, our rates are available for small groups; but, unfortunately these low wholesale rates can not be offered to large groups. All large groups need to work with the sales staff at the particular hotel.



Questions about  Vacation Packages

1.    What if the prices on theme park tickets go up between the time I make the reservation, and the time I vacation in Orlando?
Once you have paid your $50 deposit and you have ordered your tickets, the price on your receipt will be the price you will pay no matter if any or all of the attractions raised their ticket price prior to your arrival. Understand you must have a valid order to have the  ticket prices locked in.

2. The prices on the package page how can I book it at the low introductory price? The price we have listed is to give visitors a guide as to how low we can provide packages for. The price is based on per person with 2 adults 2 children in the party. The rates may fluctuate depending on the number of people in your party and the your dates of arrival.

3.    How do I get my theme park tickets?
Most guests elect to have their theme park tickets waiting for them at their hotel or vacation home. This convenience service costs a mere $10. We feel it is well worth having to stand in line at each attraction upwards to 30 minutes or more. We can also mail you your tickets to your home for $8.95 per order. You may also pick them up at our ticket store for Free.

4.    Booking policy on vacation packages?
We only require a $50 deposit to make a reservation and nothing else is due until 30 days prior to your arrival.

5.    Do you sell trip insurance…if so how much does it cost?
We do not sell trip insurance because we feel our booking policy is far better than paying 6% of the package cost to purchase trip insurance. We only require a $50 deposit at the time of booking. No further money is due until 15 days prior to arrival. If you choose to cancel, you must do so 15 days prior to arrival. Part of your deposit may be refundable. Read our cancellation policies.

6.    Who is the ticket fulfillment company?
All of our theme park tickets are fulfilled by Billy Boy Tickets, there phone number is 888-206-6040.

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